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About Easy Party Booth

We are a full time Photo Booth Manufacturers, with a full factory of over 16 Employees, We dont just assemble the booths, we build the software that operates them, we build the patent pending frames, we also build one of the only solid Photo Booths that can be assembled in 10 Minutes and can be altered to use coin operation.

Our Photo Booths have been used by some of the biggest companies in the world, we export globally and currently have booths residing in Russia, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, New York and Canada. We also own which is the biggest photobooth rental operator in the UK, All of our equipment is field tested with our rental company before release. Our Systems are second to none.

We do not use Breeze or any other Photobooth Software, We develope the software that makes these booths stand out from the rest.

The Difference Between Us and Other Cheaper Units.

Our Booth
Most Of The Others
Patent Pending, Fire Retardant Locking System
Hammer Together Frame or Solid
24 Hr Telephone/email Support, 3 Full Time Support Staff
Usually hard to get hold of at 12am on a Sunday Morning
Remote Access, Meaning we can dial into your machine to repair your system in the event of problem
Usually Telephone only

Roof is fitted Inside Aluminium for support

Seat Optional can fit 12 people in the Booth

Roof is placed on the top giving no strucural Support

Seat Fitted 3 person weight limit, can become unstable

Software Totally Different and easy to use, Used in over 2000 events last yeat alone, Used by Coca Cola for two months over the Olympics
Software Is usually Breeze, cheap to download. You cant offer differnet packages so you will have to compete on Price.
Intergrated fitted Panels for strucural Support.
Very Important as some booth companies use one large single sheet in teh front of the booth, This is usually of Foamboard which is easily breakable and doesnt offer booth support.
Mitsibushi Printer prints in 10-20 seconds
We have seen much cheaper printers used like Fuji usually without auto rewind causing paper costs to excalate
Remote Software Upgrades installed by us
You have to do this
Video Manuals
Large Book
Feedback Software
Facial Recognition Software
Voucher Printing
3 Year Warranty On Certain Parts Equipment
Usually 1 Year Warranty
Free Software Upgrades For 12 Months
Usually None
Photos can be chosen in Strip/4way/large Single by the person using the booth
Usually has to be pre-chosen before the event, lack of flexibility
Video Can be Over 15 seconds
Usually only 15 seconds for video messages
Software Intergrated Galley creator and booking system connected to the internet and website for ease of use
Backup Camera Software System SLR & HD Camera just in case.
SLR Only
Data caputure
FTP Live Uploads
Solid Carry Cases
Canvas Bags
Solid Aluminium Internal Panels
Usually Foamboard

RENT LEASE OR BUY, Short term Hire Available
Available in Multi Language Packs for Various Countries


Transportation Case's
Keyring Cutter

£1000 off in February
FlipBook Creation Software and Hardware
(earn £850 per event)
ALL WORTH £3500!


Marryoke Software and Hardware

Facial Recognition Software
Website† & Booking System
Insta-Net Software
2nd Set of Skins

External Screen

This offer is only available with our Option 3 Package.
* Subject to Terms and Conditions, Offer Valid until 28th February 2015. † Website Temaplate Only.


Booth Features Options Apply.

  • Full Interlocking Aluminium Frame work, can be put together in under 20 mins no Hammer or tools needed
    Full Carry Case for the Frame on Wheels
    Sign Written Skins or Plain.
    22" 3 year Warranty Touch Screen Built into the system
    Screen Protective Carry Case
    Mitsubishi Printer (Tried and tested for reliability)
    1200D DSLR Camera
    Web Cam for Video (this is to make the video longer than 15 seconds using the convention DSLR)
    Solid Side wall made from Aluminium to Give the booth support
    Integrated Roof System
    Photography Lighting system
    PC System
    Full box of Paper 800 Prints

    Uploads to Facebook Instantly without any booth disconnection (WIFI or 3G needed)
    No need to pre select 4 way/Green Screen/Single photos the customer can choose in the booth at the press of a button.
    Video System capable of leaving more than 15 seconds of video
    Program the booth at the event in less than 3 minutes
    Add text to photos without the need for templates or overlays as this can be very complicated
    voucher printing system that will print vouchers as the photos are printed, Corporate clients love this
    Customer feedback system that can capture feedback and video testimonials
    Remote Support via Wireless connection for Software
    Full Training in our Factory
    Number of prints can be selected 1-4 Black and white or colour
    4 Way Strip, 4 Way Large
    Instant USB Creator for ease of use no need to mess around with DVD editing this does it for you
    The booth can Email photos to your email address
    The booth will upload to your website and create galleries instantly using one button.
    Templates for Photos for different Themes, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate
    The above software is created so that an event can be done and finished in one go instead of hours of work after the event this is simple plug and play.
    Keying templates
    IPhone & Smart phone case Photo printing
  • Integrated into the website for payments and booking systems making your website look professional


Video Above shows Standing version, Seated also Available. 

Photo Booth Screen

The New 42" Fun Screen That will Stream the Photos From the Photo Booth as they are takenupto 20 meters away with only one power cable. Ideal for Large Events Rent the additional Screen,Stand out from the Generic Software with this new System


Photo Booth wind machine
Wind Machine
Photo Booth Facebook Share
The New Photo Booth Can also Share on Facebook, Not just one facebook page like other booths but on everyones facebook page,This creates a huge fan base for future bookings.
Green Screen Photo Booth
New Green Screen System can have any Photo as Backdrop, The image is also blown up so it looks in perspective to the people. Using our own state of the art Chroma Key Green screen will leave your Customers coming back for more.

The New Smart Phone Case Creator.

This is when you can send a Photo Direct From the Photo Booth and have it printed and put inside a smart phone case. Another string to the bow for extra income.

Control Your Business with The Event Management System

Photo Booth Booking System

Full Integrated Booking and event control and Payment system lets your website look professional.

The system is fully intergrated with your website, All bookings are booked creating a unique ID for the customer. The system will also create an image gallery instantly on your own website so there is no more sharing third party websites. The System will also take bookings for you and payments using Paypal. Full training is given on the system operation which is very easy to operate.


Our PhotoBooth
From Only £7295 Plus VAT

One of the biggest Photo Booth Hire specialist in the UK use our Photo Booth systems

WITH VIDEO | GREEN SCREEN | WIDE ANGLE SHOT | CLOSE SHOT | DUAL CAMERA For reliability | Double Facebook Uploads not only to single page but multi page | 19" Touch Screen toughened glass |
Photo Sreaming to a 42" Screen, Brandable Prints
| Booking system | Instant Upload | SLR | Wind Machine| Iphone Case creator

Built from Aluminium and Plastic Skins to give a Rigid Booth

Before you Buy Any Photo Booth Ask "What is different with your software?"

The Most Important part of any photo booth is the Software, Why is this?, most companies that sell photo booths sell generic software that everyone uses they download this for a few dollars and charge you a huge amount to use it. The top two biggest photo booth companies in the UK use bespoke software, we are a photo booth manufacturer and software developers which gives advantages as you can offer more functions with your photo booth while your competition fight it out on price you can provide a better service.Our Photo Booth software includes, individual Facebook Uploads not to a single site but multi site, Server upload which automatically creates a webapge for the event and send a password to the customer, Green screen which is editable, Video messages, automatic USB creations, Picture streaming to a 42" screen

New Photo booth App that will help market your Photo Booth. Wide angle photo and video for large groups and DSLR for small groups in the booth selectable by the customer. Remeber Software is the key to having a successful Business, Offer more services, dont reduce your price.

Various Colours and sign writing Available, Full Sign writing Included, Visit Our Showroom to Find Out More



The Above move shows the Booth going together, the whole thing fits into a small car.

Why are Photo Booths for Sale in Such High Demand?

The latest trend of installing photo booths at events and parties has caught on like wildfire and more people are being drawn towards the photo booth business. Some individuals believe that photo booth business will be more profitable in comparison to other small business ventures. It is true that this business has some advantages. A photo booth owner has several avenues of income at their disposal as photo booths for sale are a great way to spruce up almost any event.

The photo booth of today has its basic format untouched. The difference is the technology employed to make the photo booth experience a lot more convenient and fun. Today, you will find several budding entrepreneurs taking up the photo booth business. If you are also among them and are looking for a profitable venture, this article will help you to come across several companies that offer photo booths for sale.

In a photo booth sale, you will find various types of photo booths ranging from homemade type installation to the units designed for commercial purposes. A photo booth for sale offers a wide range of photo booth units that are suitable for different kinds of occasions like wedding receptions, bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties etc. In addition, photo booths are also of supreme importance and play a vital role in corporate events hosted by media organizations and advertising agencies. These days, several companies and businesses organizations have shown interest in using photo booths. Some of them have also started renting out these photo booths making it a great avenue for a steady income.

The growing demand of photo booths has enhanced the commercial viability of providing them on rent. You will find large numbers of photo booth manufacturers who build and supply various types of photo booths that can be customized for almost any event for a wide range of clients. In the current scene, photo booths are a great tool to enhance the ambience of an event and give the guests a great time. If your consumers want to capture the true spirit of an event, their guests should be allowed to experience the fun with a photo booth. It is very important to design a sales pitch that works and shows how fun a photo booth can be at an event.

Today a large number of companies offer photo booths for sale. So if you are dealing in these items then you should be aware of the market demands and customer requirements to be able to do a profitable business.  



*See Terms & Conditions Of Photo Booth Sale
** Subject to status