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Saturday, December 31st, 2011

This is the Photo Booth that can be collapsed and will fit into a car. This Photo Booth is manufactured by us.



In various corporate sectors, often people celebrate number of important occasions with their group of employees. Usually these occasions are meant to celebrate certain milestone or any successes or achievements.

There may be many other reasons to celebrate the occasion as well, which most of the employee may look forward to, in order to get some change from the routine work environment. One of the better ways to make this occasion really interesting and funny is to hire photo booths for corporate event.

Such photo booths arrangement can rejuvenate all the employees and people can easily break the monotony of their regular work. This gives an occasion for people of different factions in the company to come together & pose for these photographs.          

In order to encourage the participants, the company can offer free photographs instead of offering gifts, which are usual norms in such parties. Staff members can pose for any number of photographs and take their snap, which can be used as a memento. A photo frame with the name of the event inscribed on the frame can be given to the employees, so that the event can be easily remembered. This will really be a nice treat for the employees.

While organizing the party with photo booths for corporate event, you can also plan for various games to win plenty of awards too, so that people will have their competitive fun and win some trophies too. There will be a kind of interest generated in the party as well. If you can offer gifts for just participation in any of these events, it will also generate plenty of good will among the participants. You can thus convert your celebration into a most eventful occasion.

Awards can however be announced on the basis of individual performance and their excellence too. This is also a good opportunity to publicize about your services and the product by using the photo booths concept. In each photograph, your company logo will automatically get imprinted and the name of events will also be mentioned therein.

Just by simply adding the concept of photo booths, you can see that you have created a memorable event, which will be remembered by your employee even after their retirement from the organization. Your gifts or any other memento may be perished in the long run, but not these photographs, which will remain carefully preserved in the album. The future generation can also get the opportunity to view all these events that occurred in their life.

There are few added benefits for conducting such kind of parties with booths. These parties are providing an opportunity for all your employees of different factions and departments to come in a common platform. This will certainly add team spirit among your people, when they are photographed together. You will find a sense of comradeship will automatically develop and that will give rise to increased cooperation among them. By offering your employees any other corporate gifts, perhaps will not generate so much productivity in the company that few photographs can do.

Saturday, December 17th, 2011


Hiring a photo booth for any event is a fantastic idea. It is fun to see a funny photo with the people you love and that they too have a copy of the photos taken instantly. This is also the reason why the idea of hiring a photo booth is becoming so popular worldwide. Guests enjoy it and even the hosts feel at ease if the attending people can enjoy themselves. Everyone can take home a memory of the time they have spent and also of the people they have spent with.


Initially, when photo booths were first invented, the booths were small. They had a camera but it was old and not a DSLR variety. Wet chemistry techniques were used to develop the images, so the photos came out wet and the user would have to wait for them to dry. It also took time, usually ten minutes or so to develop the pictures. Again, only two people could squeeze into the stall. Now, if people hire a photo booth, it is not based on the standards that were present early on. There are different sizes of booths available. The camera used is ten megapixels or higher range of DSLR cameras. High quality printers are used for printing the photos. The improvements allow the guests to have their picture taken and wait less time for the photos to print.


If people hire a photo booth, they can pick the traditional passport style booths. These are typically designed for one person. One can also hire booths where ten people can enter. These booths are specifically designed for the entertainment sector. On occasions such as reunions, corporate events, proms, weddings and other such events, people usually want to get inside the photo booth in groups. If it is rented for a wedding, then most likely the bride will want photos with the bridesmaids and the groom with his wedding participants. The booths must be able to accommodate this.


One must think beforehand, what the size photo booth will meet your needs. The party style photo booths are available to accommodate eight to twelve people at a time. Within the enclosed compartment, the people have complete privacy and they can have fun together. It is fun being silly with a lot of people together. Spacious booths will also let the guests relax and they can try different props that are available from the companies that rent photo booths.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Photo Booth Manufacturer

Photo Booths come in various shapes and sizes. The Photo Booths are a great business that are getting very popular with parties and weddings as well as corporate companies for product promotions. Photo Booths come with some pit falls.

Questions you need to ask about the photo booths before you buy one as a business

1. Does the photo booth come with the ability for video YES
2. Does the photo booth brakdown into small pieces for easy transportation YES
3. Does the photo booth use facebook YES
4. Does the photo booth create its own webspage with all the pictures and videos on at the click of a button YES

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