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Thursday, May 17th, 2012

As time has gone on the interest for photo booths is still rising, many guests stating that the photo booth made the night and would definitely hire a photo booth for their next event. To keep the photo booth wow factor going you need to make sure that you keep your photo booth business up to date and fresh with all of the new creations and styles of photo booths.

The well-known photo booth is the collapsible photo booth, where the booth is in parts and an attendant is trained to set it up at events. These booths are very good for events as it is very easy to carry and set up at any event. Whether it be at a wedding reception in a marquee or a corporate event in a high building with a lot of stairs there is always a way to get the photo booth in place ready and working.

The Collapsible photo booth can also be branded for a certain company or product by changing the skins to suit you with your company name or logo. This way you can advertise your company as everyone that uses your photo booth will see where you are from or what you are selling and will probably repeat business and get your products noticed. The changing of skins option isn’t only good for businesses and products but also for events such as weddings and parties as the event holder is able to choose the colour of the photo booth, this comes in very handy if there is a certain theme for the event as it allows you to fit the photo booth in with the theme.

There is also a new photo booth available which is a metal framed booth, usually best for other businesses that buy the photo booth to have fixed in their building such as hotels, shopping centres, cinema and theatres. This is a great idea for event venues as a lot of people will hire photo booths for their event, where as if the hotel or venue offers this in their package they would gain more business and not lose out on money.

The photo booth options continue to grow to suit all types of events adding that extra special unique touch that everyone will be talking about for years. All photo booths are guaranteed fun and are always a big hit!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Just recently in the UK photo booth hire has become extremely popular at events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, proms, re-unions, bar mitzvah’s, college parties, corporate events and other social occasions. The reason that photo booth hire is so popular is simply because it brings unlimited fun and giggles to events, and also provides guests with an everlasting way to remember the beautiful event that they attended. Photo booths bring so much fun to events, there are 3 different photo booth systems that can be used during photo booth hire, firstly there is the party booth which is the photo booth system with an exterior casing around it, making it like a walk in photo booth. Secondly there is the party pod, which is exactly the same as the party booth, except it has no casing around it, which makes it more suitable for smaller venues. Thirdly there is the newest addition to the photo booth family, in the form of a New York taxi with a photo booth system fitted in to the back of the taxi, It’s an original New York taxi, which was used in the films Home Alone 2, Bronx Is Burning, and it was even used in the musical FAME. As you can tell, all of these enhancements wouldn’t have been made if photo booth hire wasn’t popular.

if you’re thinking of setting up a new business, but you’re not sure what to go for, why not try a new photo booth business, because as popular as photo booth hire is, surprisingly there isn’t that many companies in the UK doing it, making it a perfect opportunity to make some profit, when setting up a new photo booth business, a photo booth system can be designed to suit your business, making it your own unique personal booth, you can have your company logo on the side which helps to advertise your photo booth hire business, and text can also be changed on the photographs, to have your company name on, providing you with further business advertisement, you’d be mad not to set up a photo booth hire business, as it’s only going to get more popular.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Photo booth business of renting photo booths is constantly growing with possibilities and opportunities with demands for more photo booths and bookings. Opening a photo booth business can be very rewarding and exciting if you have the best equipment, beating any competitors.                 Read More…

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

The photo booth is ideal for any party or event, adding video messaging allows you to beat other photo booth companies as your not only offering the service of photographs to be taken but also a free video messaging system option for your guests to choose. This allows all guests to leave video messages for the event holder. This is great for events such as Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday parties, Proms, Conferences etc. This way the guests can say Congratulations to the bride and groom, happy birthday, Goodbyes and best school memories or even used for business thanks and awards.

The photo booths can hold up to eight people so whether people want a video message on their own or have a big group video, they can! Most photo booth companies will offer a big box of free props to go inside the photo booth for all the guests to use making the photographs and video recording more interesting and a lot more fun.

The video messaging system is completely automated, so guests can operate very easily using touch screen to record their video messages. There is no limit on how many video messages you can take within your hire time and there is also endless time on the video recordings. Another advantage over all competitors would be, being able to upload all the video messages and pictures straight onto the social networking sites such as Facebook as well as the photos, so that they can be shared and viewed by friends and family.

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Setting up a new business can be extremely difficult, but choosing the right business to set up, can make things a lot easier, currently in the UK photo booth hire is becoming extremely popular and is a great new business to set up. It’s so easy to set up as well!

If you’re wondering why you should choose your new business to be photo booth hire, there’s a simple answer to that! You can hire photo booths out to any event such as weddings, birthdays, proms, re-unions, engagements, anniversaries, bar mitzvah’s, corporate events, and so many more social occasions. So many people have given positive feedback from their experience with photo booth hire, as photo booths bring pure fun and giggles to any event, and also provide event guests with a beautiful everlasting memory of the event they attended.

To start a new photo booth business it costs around £7200 depending on what company you choose to buy your photo booth system from. When you buy a photo booth from us we provide you with so many extra’s to make sure your new business starts off smoothly, for around £7200 we provide you with the full photo booth system, full training of how to operate the photo booth system no computer experience is needed, 500 business cards and 1000 leaflets to help kick start the advertising for your new photo booth business, a template website and contact details, so it’s easier for you to develop customers, wedding fayre guidance, and on going support and business help for 12 months, which should give you a bit of comfort knowing that there will be someone there to help you out with any queries.

Photo booth hire is definitely a great new business to start up.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Photo Booth hire is currently a rapidly growing worldwide business, as the photo booths have modernised they have become more and more popular.
There are several reasons why photo booths are a great opportunity for a new business-    Read More…