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Thursday, May 17th, 2012

As time has gone on the interest for photo booths is still rising, many guests stating that the photo booth made the night and would definitely hire a photo booth for their next event. To keep the photo booth wow factor going you need to make sure that you keep your photo booth business up to date and fresh with all of the new creations and styles of photo booths.

The well-known photo booth is the collapsible photo booth, where the booth is in parts and an attendant is trained to set it up at events. These booths are very good for events as it is very easy to carry and set up at any event. Whether it be at a wedding reception in a marquee or a corporate event in a high building with a lot of stairs there is always a way to get the photo booth in place ready and working.

The Collapsible photo booth can also be branded for a certain company or product by changing the skins to suit you with your company name or logo. This way you can advertise your company as everyone that uses your photo booth will see where you are from or what you are selling and will probably repeat business and get your products noticed. The changing of skins option isn’t only good for businesses and products but also for events such as weddings and parties as the event holder is able to choose the colour of the photo booth, this comes in very handy if there is a certain theme for the event as it allows you to fit the photo booth in with the theme.

There is also a new photo booth available which is a metal framed booth, usually best for other businesses that buy the photo booth to have fixed in their building such as hotels, shopping centres, cinema and theatres. This is a great idea for event venues as a lot of people will hire photo booths for their event, where as if the hotel or venue offers this in their package they would gain more business and not lose out on money.

The photo booth options continue to grow to suit all types of events adding that extra special unique touch that everyone will be talking about for years. All photo booths are guaranteed fun and are always a big hit!